[oxfordgamers] Getting GURPS in Cinci.

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Comic Book World has a good selection of them.

        What we need to do is choose a store and start having them order the
books for us.  Pretty soon they'll start keeping them in stock.  If they
will order the books for me and still charge cover price I'd be willing to
do that instead of Warehouse 23.  I mostly use the web since I so rarely get
out to a gaming store these days.  But I'll phone in an order if it is a
store Aaron frequents and he can pick my books up with his.

        It would also be better for the comic store if we ordered through
them instead of direct.



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> > So I was at Borders today looking for the GURPS books.
> Yeah, about that. Good luck finding GURPS books in Cincy. None of the
> mainstream bookstores carry them. Cincinnati Sci-Fi doesn't have them.
> Hobbyland either doesn't have them or has a very, very limited
> selection of them.
> Good luck.
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