[oxfordgamers] Game system hacking

  • From: CWilson@xxxxxxxx
  • To: oxfordgamers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 13:21:05 -0400

Being the ever inquisitive one that I am, I often check out the different
game systems out there.  Thanks to the open game content licensing, many
are free for the download.

I downloaded the Action! System today.  I was an early beta tester a couple
of years ago and the system has matured well.

I also downloaded the newest updates to the basic D20 stuff.  You know,
when you strip out the classes, feats, levels and alignments, I don't have
nearly the problems with D20 that I normally do.  It is a doable system for
a system hack like me to change around.

There are others out there, of course, but I will hack around on these two
for a short time.


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