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  You might look at Judo, and possibly even the Push skill (in Martial
Arts). They won't let him hurt a well defended opponent, but they will le
him knock them down. For Push, you might need something along the Trained
by a Master advantage (Since it is a largely Cinematic skill mostly
associated with Tai Chi.).

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Brandon Keller wrote:

> RE: [oxfordgamers] Re: Fun with PCsI don't plan on using him for fighting.
> However, he will need to be able to defend himself.  I'm not looking for an
> 8d slash like Venom's.  Just something that will handle thugs and allow him
> to be noticed as a threat by the major villains.  Karate seems to be a good
> way to work this, though I'm not copletely sure yet.  Anybody else have
> thoughts?
> Os
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>   The answer to your first question is in the base GURPS book under their
> Psionics section.
>   The answer to your second is that Kurt uses acrobatic martial arts to
> attack people and he's in good physical shape.  That's about it.  He has a
> disorienting attack where he grabs someone and makes multiple teleports in
> quick bursts that can leave his opponent disoriented for a while.
>   If you're playing Kurt as he is in the comics, he avoids hurting people.
> Code against killing and cannot harm innocents are both appropriate.  Kurt
> isn't a direct combat character.
>   He can also climb sheer walls using clinging, similar to Spiderman, his
> fur allows him to blend into the darkness and his tail is very agile and
> strong.
>   Kurt isn't a damage person, he uses his wits and agility to beat his
> opponents.
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>     I've gotten the go-ahead from Sanson to make Nightcrawler and have
> started
>     thinking about what he would have.  So, I have two questions for
> everyone
>     out thee.  First, isn't there some sort of combat teleportation
>     adv/power/skill?  I'm pretty sure I saw Fugue use it during "Things That
> Go
>     Bump" but I can't seem to find it (although, I have to admit, I'm using
> Guru
>     right now so my ability to access powers is limited).  Second, does
> anyone
>     know of an effective and in-character method for Kurt to do damage?
>     Os
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>     http://members.aol.com/MG4273/comics.htm
>     It only has a few, but an interesting few.
>     I just calculated out Atom's shrinking...Level 7 is 300 points, +50% to
> be
>     able
>     to shrink up to medium objects with me for a total of 450 points for ONE
>     power.
>     Ouch.
>     Atom may end up being a beyond Cosmic level after I buy the Teleport.
>     And he isn't even that combative in nature.
>     -w

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