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The Solid Energy Forms were mostly a special effect for a TK-like power.
The Rod could do similar things just without the giant green boxing glove.
Also Alan would use this to do things at less direct angles while Ted used
his rod's powers on more of a point-to-point targeting system, but again
this is more of a special effect.  The rod probably had more of a levitation
power than a TK power.

I just remembered another big cost to the ring, several of his powers had
area affect enhancements, including his environmental independence
abilities.  That boosts the cost a lot.

Alan getting stuck without his ring?  Gee, I remember that when I played
him.  It sucked.

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> There's a few other differences. The Ring could create the "Solid
> Energy forms" pretty early on, IIRC. I don't think the Rod was ever
> able to make energy constructs. Also, the ring was unique, where Ted
> created his rod, and could make others. 
> There's a few other limitations on the ring that might make it not
> unreasonably priced too. The "doesn't affect wood" limitation is worth
> about -10% to all of the powers it contains. And "Requires recharging
> every 24 hours" is probably worth another -10%.
> The bigger problem I'd have with making (or playing) those characters
> is the amount of points invested into a gadget. GG is a Battlesuit
> character, but if you remove his suit, he's a pretty competent Martial
> Artist and Gadgeteer. (He's over 250 points without the suit). Alan
> would probably be about 100-125 points, with the remainder sunk into a
> Unique gadget (which means if you steal it, he's out the poinrs). That
> would frighten me. Ted is a bit better off, since his device isn't
> unique, and his science skills, with the gadgeteer advantage, would
> make him a competent, if not combat-worthy, character in an adventure.
> Ted also carried a gun for awhile, which makes an effective back-up.
> Aaron
> --- "Bolenbaugh, Tom" <TBolenbaugh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> > I agree on your power breakdown.  I guess it's just the levels,
> > Starman had
> > some pretty hefty power levels in the book.  I had forgotten that his
> > rod
> > would give you better gadget limitations than GL's ring.  Although
> > really
> > when you get down to the nitty-gritty, the only differences between
> > the
> > original power rod and the Alan Scott's original powers with the ring
> > were
> > differences in power levels.  GL's ring quickly developed as an
> > omni-power
> > device that could do anything he had the willpower to get it to do,
> > but out
> > the gate they were not that different.
> > 
> > Alan must have scored some major character points.
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