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Actually I wouldn't give the Crow any DR.  

        He never showed any resistance to injury at all.  He did show High
Pain Threshold, Instant Regeneration and enhanced movement, but nothing
actually reduced the damage done to him.

        I'd say that holds true for both the Crow from the movie and the
comic.  Now all the movie Crow's powers would be linked to the bird, a
weakness not shared by his comic counterpart.

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> >   Since his DR didn't even slow down the bullets (Much to the
> > detriment of Lee.), he must have had one huge load of Hit Points.
> >                     John
> Well, there's different special effects for how DR works. It doesn't
> neccessairly mean the bullets bounce off. It just means they don't hurt
> you.
> Personally, if I had to make the Crow, he'd have a bunch of DR, Extra
> Hit Points, High Pain Threshold (He "whoops" when he's hit), and
> Instant Regeneration.
> All of it dependant on the Crow, of course.
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