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I'll agree that GURPS Supers isn't the best system in the world.  Iin fact
as much as I enjoy it I think GURPS Supers is my least favorite system from
the GURPS line.  I swear one day I will get to play Champions.  I even made
a character once and never got to use him.

It's not that GURPS Super's rules don't have enough knock-back, it's that
we've been doing the knock-back rules wrong or not using them at all!

The big mistake we've been doing is that knock-back is calculated based on
the damage done before DR comes into play, not after.  So your 50 points of
DR may be able to soak that 32 point smack from The Big Dude, but you're
still taking a four hex trip in the other direction unless you bought a
knock-back negating enhancement.

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> Basically, yes.
> HERO System is a generic game system, suited to almost every genre, in
> theory. In practice, it's not one of the best generic systems, because
> it becomes painfully obvious that engine was designed for supers. You
> can use it for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, but it starts to show it's
> cracks.
> Champions was the first game made for the system (or rather, the system
> was made for it, and the exported). It is, IMHO, one of the best
> Superhero RPG engines in existance. Combat is a bit detailed, and at
> times starts to resemble a super-hero tactical minatures game, but
> captures the feel of super-hero combat better than any other, including
> In much the same way that GURPS shows cracks around the edges with
> Supers combat (too lethal without the introduction of Stun rules,
> Knockback isn't nearly prevalent enough) but is probably the best
> generic rules set, Champions and Hero system are in the opposite boat.
> Morale of the story: Superheros don't fit well into generic rule
> systems.
> <grin>
> Aaron
> --- "Bolenbaugh, Tom" <TBolenbaugh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> > Hey, compared to how long the computer game industry has been waiting
> > for Duke Nukem Forever, three years is nothing.
> > 
> > So what's the difference between Hero and Champions?  Is Hero more
> > GURPS-like as a generic game while Champions is specifically super
> > heroes with the same base system?
> > 
> >     -Nico
> > 
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