[oxfordgamers] Re: Cannot Kill vs. Cannot Harm Innocents

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  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 09:15:48 -0400

Before I vote either way, I have a question for us to ponder:  In what way
does a Code of Honor effect one's Pacifism?

With Hero's Code of Honor, you will not kill your opponent.  With Pirate's
Code of Honor, you can if you wish.

So, if one already has the -15 pt disad of Hero's Code, 'Cannot Kill' seems
to duplicate it.

A common disads package for many a hero is the following:
Hero's Code of Honor [-15]
Pacifism:  Cannot Harm The Innocent [-10]
Sense of Duty: The Nation [-10]

Between the above, your average JLA'er will not intentionally seek the
death of any of its foes.  Red Knight's incident with The Porcupine was an
accident.  The Prowler throwing a grenade into the hold of the ship that
had 3 policemen in it was not, but he also did not have Hero's Code and had
no compulsion against killing.

My vote in the end is an 'if' vote.  If the player has Hero's Code, then
NO, they cannot take 'Cannot Kill' separately.  If they have Pirate's Code
or Villain's Code, then they CAN take 'Cannot Kill' separately.

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