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RE: [oxfordgamers] Re: Another comic movie questionBut with the X-Men, the
general origin of their powers is all the same.  i'm not talking character
origin whe i say it's necesarry.  That's what development is for.  However,
thr origin of their powers is what' needed.  and in the case of the X-Men,
explaining it once should be enough.


It's fun to use learning for evil.

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  To play devil's advocate:

          We did not see Wolverine's origin in X-Men, nor did we see the
origin of the team or anyone else except Rogue and Magneto, and those were
very brief.  Yet you can't say that people didn't feel a connection to
Logan's character.  This came from the amount of time we saw of Logan
outside of being an X-Man, but not from his origin story.

          Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 was very popular and we only heard mention
of his origin, Storm was a much more interesting character in X2 and we
learned nothing of her origin in either movie.  Where we do see origins in
X-Men, they are very brief and not an in depth portion of the movie.

          X-Men shows that you can have people bond with characters without
devoting much time, if any, to the character's origin.  Wouldn't it be
possible to do the same with other heroes as well?  Tell the origin of the
Fantastic Four in a one minute flashback, or only make brief allusions to it
in conversation.  Make it a mystery and hint that the sequel might explore
that origin, but make the focus of the first movie be something different.

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    That is what sequels are for, Nico.

    The problem with a first movie not showing an origin is that the vast
    majority of the people who watch a movie never knew the origin.  A lot
    the people who went to see Daredevil, I imagine, only vaguely knew of
    Daredevil, and maybe didn't know his origin.  Thus, the origin was

    Take The Crow for example.  I didn't know was a comic book.  If they had
    produced the Crow without the origin story, I might have been confused
    to how he came about.


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