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Hey everyone, I wrote this and put this on Facebook a couple of days ago and I 
wanted to share. 

We should remind ourselves, especially at this time of year and due to 
recent events that Jesus Christ was born to heal us from tragedies such 
as these.  Born in the humblest of circumstances, the Savior of mankind 
slept in a manger with just the roof of a stable to cover his head.  He 
lived a perfect life spent serving and healing others. 

 Christ, the literal Son of God, born to take upon himself the sins and 
sorrows of the world, willingly and lovingly sacrificed himself for us. 
 He was commissioned with this heavenly task, to redeem us from the 
fall, so that we could return to our Father in Heaven.  During His time 
in the Garden of Gethsemane and while on the cross, He experienced every
 pain, sin, and sorrow that we would experience.  He sacrificed Himself 
for us because He knows each of us personally and loves us with a 
capacity that we cannot even begin to fathom. Then miraculously, after 
the time He spent in Gethsemane and three days after his brutal crucifixion, he 
broke the chains of death and rose 
again.  Because of His selfless sacrifice and triumph over death, He 
secured for us the promise of immortality, and for all those who would 
faithfully follow him, eternal life.

The world has become 
darkened though.  We have forced Him out of society thinking that we can
 survive on our own.  Yet, when things such as this happen, we wonder 
where was He?   Our attempts to change the world, to make it a happier, 
safer, more perfect place, will never succeed if we try to accomplish 
this magnificent task without God.  Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ will
 change the world.  It is His light that shines in man, that causes him 
to want to be good, to do good.  It is only He who is able to heal the 
hate and sorrow that corrodes away at man’s heart.  Only he can free the
 oppressed and lift up the poor.  Whether that oppression is sin, grief,
 illness, or literal chains, He will immediately come to our aid and 
offer us peace, if we call upon him and move forward with faith. Then 
eventually in his own time, He will free us. 
Times like these and this season are not the only times that we should turn to 

Jesus Christ lives.  He is the son of God.  He was born so that he 
could die for us.  He is the author of our salvation.  He knows us and 
loves us.  No matter the ailments that afflict us, he has the power to 
heal us, if we will turn to him.  The future will undoubtedly get 
harder, but He has promised us that if we will follow Him, He will make 
our burdens light.  He is the light of the world.

May He grant us heavenly peace.


I love this song. It is absolutely beautiful. Please enjoy!


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