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  • From: Kristina Pearson <kristinajp95@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ourlunchgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 18:06:17 -0600

My grandma can get us a discount!!! i think we should just spend all day at
lagoon!! temple square would be fun but we should wait til Christmas time
and take a saturday and all go down there!! We really do need a adult to
drive!! I'm planning on taking my car if anyone wants to ride with me but we
can figure out more rides when we find an adult to help drive!! We also need
to talk about food!! I think to save money we should take a couple coolers
and take like sandwich stuff and a whole bunch of snack foods kinda like a
big potluck but everyone would have to bring something enough for everyone
to have some!! I think that we need to leave at like seven in the morning if
we want to be there when it opens or even earlier!! Who is planning on
Ready to help plan!!

P.s. The day we would be gouing is August 27th!!

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 5:11 PM, Dallon Jenkins <elroyjenks@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hey everyone if we are going to do the lagoon trip.......which would be way
> cool.....we have to start planning.
> We Need:
>               Drivers: at least one over 21
>               Tickets: which we can get discounted if we plan for it now
>               And A Plan: what we will do while we are down there (besides
> go to lagoon)
>                                            we could go see church sites, go
> to the mall, or just spend the whole day
>                              at Lagoon
>        ...it really doesn't matter!
> We just need to get serious with *A* plan....that way we can get tickets
> cheap and reserved for us that day.
>              I am going to drive myself down there and possibly take either
> Jason or Matt(or both)
>     And my mom says that she can probably get us all discounted tickets (as
> long as we pay her back)
>                  (---I think someone already said that their relatives
> could get us in discounted though---)
>  So there is an outline.....lets start planning!!
>                          - Dallon

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