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LOL hope this works.

Hello   our_patch, hh here... stands for various versions of herb, hippy herb,  
 happy herb & herbal herb even tho I am in my 82nd orbit most people   call me 
herby, I am blessed wi still being active just recently built a   separate 
12x20' room to escape from the motor home, I do not have a   house, really 
don't need one yet.
I run a LAN wi  Linux and one box has XP  dual boot, soon as I finish my new 
huge mass  fireplace front face I am  gonna arrange my new kitchen and puter  
station and painting area with  big table easel adjustable height.  I  sold 
paintings for my final 30  yrs, living a gypsy style on the road  before 
retiring in '95, after  quiting as a building Contractor and main career  20yrs 
was system analyst for  main frames.
I spent 7yrs in USN Aviation electronics left as AE3c eligible for chief was 
tempted to stay in but was fed up with the life.
I have a good memory mostly, few hazy stoned yrs but mostly intact from 3  So I 
gotta lotta old war stories both funny an scary.
Wow Don u got a lot of work done, I have a few dial modems and I think the one 
I liked was hmmmm I forgot so will look for them and let you know what I have 
available I plan already to get my puter collection unpacked from the Condor to 
my new station I'll make the modems 1st priority.
Cheers to ya all
On Thursday, November 10, 2011 01:34, "Don Crowder" <dondashguitar@xxxxxxxxx> 

> Herb had the address wrong so his email to introduce himself bounced;
> thus this post serves both to welcome him (hey Herb, welcome aboard) and
> give him the proper email address so he can return the salutation.
> Sorry the list has been so quiet just lately but we've been on the run.
>   Lisa's had trouble with her feet (cleaning houses for folks pays good
> but it's hard on your feet) but is still working several days a week.
> She's also been going to Buchanan Lake Village Property Owners
> Association meetings as an observer (because a couple of the executives
> seem to be playing a little fast and dirty with the rules).
> I recently acquired a dozen fairly nice desktop computer towers (not
> sure whether or not I'm allowed to give credit to the folks who donated
> them so I won't say who they were).  I've serviced, checked, cleaned and
> installed Linux on all of them and, so far, have found new homes for a
> half dozen.  That's kept me awful busy and one of them is taking a shot
> at driving me over the edge because the fellow I'm giving it to has dial
> up internet service.  Ethernet connections are pretty much plug-and-play
> in Linux but dial up service is best described as "problematic".
> During the day, while the sun is shining, I've been working on our
> property. We should be able to put up some new photos soon.
> We went to our favorite supermarket (HEB) this evening (the nearest one
> is in Kingsland, TX of course) and they had a special running on ham and
> turkey.  The deal was, if you bought a spiral cut half-ham, for about
> $30, they'd give you a 12 pound turkey so.  We've got one eight ounce
> package of cooked, boned turkey left in the freezer (from the 25 pounder
> we bought last Christmas) and we used the last four ounce package of
> spiral cut ham slices (also bought last Christmas) we had in the freezer
> about a month ago so we were due.   The one we bought this evening is
> already put up, in the freezer, in four ounce packages and there were 30
> of them (making them about a dollar each) with a nice bone and a few
> bits of ham that will go in a big pot of dried baby lima beans tomorrow.
>   The turkey was frozen so it'll have to thaw in the fridge for a few
> days before we can cook it, bone it out, and freeze it in eight ounce
> packages.  Some time in the next few days they'll probably have big
> turkeys (20-24 pounds) on sale for eighty-eight cents a pound (I think
> they're usually left over from last year) and we'll buy one of those
> too.  That'll insure we have packages of turkey in the freezer until
> next November.  We keep eight ounce packages of cooked chicken, turkey,
> beef and pork in the freezer pretty much all the time.
> For beef, we buy a large brisket, slow cook it in a covered roaster (so
> it'll be tender), put it on a Mesquite grill for a half hour or so, to
> pick up some smoke flavor, let it cool then cut it up and package it for
> the freezer.  For the pork, we wait until pork steaks (I think this is a
> cheaper cut than pork chops) are on sale, buy $20 worth, cook them on
> the grill, them cut them up into small cubes before packaging them for
> the freezer.
> Other things in the freezer are lean hamburger meat and several
> varieties of link sausage from a wonderful meat market in Llano
> (Miillers), Tilapia filets, cooked shrimp, ground turkey meat, pork
> breakfast sausage, Hebrew National hot dogs (free of corn or wheat
> fillers) along with all sorts of seasonings and several varieties of
> loose-leaf tea which we buy from sfherb.com.
> It may look like we're extravagant but the opposite is true.  For
> example, we buy a pound of celery seed from sfherb for about the same
> price as a one ounce bottle of McCormick brand sold in our supermarket.
>   To keep it fresh we have to store in the freezer, along with all the
> other seasonings we bought in one pound packages (for way less than
> supermarket prices) but that's ok; one corner of our chest freezer is
> reserved for tea and seasonings.  When the weather turns cool we drink a
> lot of hot tea, which we brew in our drip coffee maker.  We have our
> choice of Darjeeling, Ceylon, Oolong, Gunpowder, Lapsang Souchong or
> China Black tea to which we can add dried Spearmint or Peppermint leaves
> if we like.  Sometimes we brew a pot of Yerba Mate (a south american
> tree leaf).  These all have different prices but our cost for a pot of
> hot tea averages about the same or a little less than if we bought
> generic orange pekoe tea bags from the supermarket.
> Lisa's been closely following the Occupy Wall Street movement.  We both
> identify strongly with many of their stated objectives.  We were pleased
> to learn, in researching the topic, that we're already banking at an
> independent institution (Arrowhead Bank in Llano) so there was no reason
> to move our money.  I wish I could say that this was because I'm a very
> astute person who selected an independent banking institution all those
> years ago, before I met Lisa, but the truth is, that's where my mom was
> banking and, since I had to drive here there fairly regularly (she never
> learned to drive so, after my father died, I was her taxi service) it
> was easier to just move my own accounts there too.
> Wow, sorry, I didn't set out to write a lengthy diatribe, I just got a
> case of the babbles after I started typing.
> Questions?
> :)
> Um, hello again Herb!
> --
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