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Hi gang,
I agree with Sandy, Don & Lisa are indeed amassing I don't see how you get it 
all done, a busy day for me is feeding me & my four critters plus a bit of yard 
work 7 taking care of my shack, I had to give up on the garden due to the 
drought & almost ran out of water since I do not have a well I depend on my 
rain catchment I got down to 30gal of water when we finally were blessed with 
some rain.
I just went to town for Doc apt & shopping this past Wed & it was heart 
breaking to see all the dead trees  & brown brush. I heard this past yr was the 
driest on record & that Texas lost millions of trees from the drought I think 
we will be ok this year since we are getting good rains this winter.  that was 
the main problem last winter we got very little rains so when the summer began 
all the tanks & farm ponds were 1/2 empty.. We didn't have a spring just went 
from winter to summer & it lasted on into fall.
Now all the fields are lush & green but we are having a warm winter . I saw all 
the fruit trees are blooming already, we are getting days in the high 80's, 
that means the bugs are gonna be bad & if we get a late frost or freeze now it 
will devastate the crop. I live a bit S  E of D&L , 90mi N of Houston near a 
tiny town, Bedias is a farm & ranching community. When I retired from being a 
traveling Artist, painting & sculpture, I bought 11 acres it is an old cotton 
town named Cotton & if you google it my land is right where Cotton is printed 
on the map. I actually own 1/4 of the old townsite & the old dirt water tank is 
just across cty rd #132 & 136 where the 2 roads join to cross the creek that 
runs right through my land my entrance is on 136 after the two separate on #136 
 that continues N & #132 turns W to dead end in TX hwy 90 going on to 
Madisonville.  Rd 136 deadends a few miles N of me & was named Cotton to 
Madisonville rd back then, It was never named a ghost town since there has 
always been at least one person living here.  Funny though since there is still 
the old school house standing. It cannot fall down cause there is a big tree 
growing right up through the roof but most of my neighbors are Cows.
I love living here it is still so quiet & peaceful but that is changing fast as 
most of the old ranches have been split up into 5-20 acre ranchettes & houses 
are being built all around. I moved here in 1996. At that time I hardly ever 
heard a car going past but now it is quite often, sigh.
Hope that fills you in on our Texas drought Sandy,
On Friday, March 2, 2012 21:52, "L.S. Miller" <lsmiller221@xxxxxxxxx> said:

Well, once again I'm drowsing at the computer, but a promise is a promise.
This was my big week of the month, working half days all week except for one 
which was a full day.  In housekeeping that's a pretty tough week, although if 
I had to I could do more.  Tomorrow's my day off, so I'll just sleep until I 
wake up.  Wait...laundry, dishes, housecleaning, ukulele practice...where will 
I find the time?  ;-D
I've been trying to collect more links the past few weeks.  Lately I've come 
close to being short.  We're always running around like chickens, but managing 
to have fun, too.
Don is doing his respite care thing tomorrow and his client also needed him 
Sunday, but he's got a gig on Sunday.  He suggested I take the gig so I did.  
We get to help her out and that will make it a profitable weekend for us.
I'm so glad you're continuing to work on the quilt.  It'll be exciting to see 
how it turns out and selling it will be nice too.
Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date on your doings, we'll try to do the 

On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 9:50 PM, Sandy Martin <[mailto:smarte34@xxxxxxx] 
smarte34@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Don, Lisa and whoever is still haging around reading this,
 Thanks for another nice newsletter and all the links. I always admire you both 
for finding all those sites, along with any helpers you have.  Nice to see that 
your little apartment is coming along. Do you think you will be in it by 
summer? If so, will you have air conditioning in it? I have been wondering if 
Texas has seen much rain this winter? I doubt you get snow, do you? Just 
wondering if the drought there shows any signs of easing up? 
 My life is always busy. Sure a good thing I don't work because I would not 
have time for it. My life will never be boring. Aside from normal stuff, I 
signed up to do indexing for the 1940 census. It is fun to do. Right now I have 
been practicing on WWI draft cards. It is fun to see what people's occupations 
were way back then. 
 I am still quilting on your quilt top, Lisa. I think I may be done with the 
quilting part in a couple more months. I don't work on it every night. Only 
about every third night for 90 min. or so. I am looking forward to getting that 
done so I can put on the binding. Still amazes me to look at your tiny little 
stitches and I admire them greatly. 
 Have had some family crisis (plural)- nothing really bad...just family members 
losing jobs because of economy (sad) and my 96 year old mom isn't doing well, 
(more sad). 
 But on another note...it is March now and that means it is that much closer to 
spring...well here it should arrive in a couple more months. :-)   Hope 
everyone is doing well.  Congrats on losing weight you two. That is hubby's and 
my plan come spring when we can get back to walking outside. 
 Take care all! ~Sandy

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