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Thank you Miryam. Now that I'm a list subscriber, can I now recommend new members? I know that several from Wendell were at an OTP meeting, so I think they should be, and may already be, on your listserve. They include Alistair MacMartin, Jenny Caron, Shelley Hines and Jonathan vonRanson. There may have been one other, and I could find out who that might be, but if you already have these four names, you probably have the fifth. I didn't realize how very new this was, so thank you for all the work it takes to set it up!

On 2/16/2016 12:54 PM, Miryam Ehrlich Williamson wrote:

I think most of the people receiving this didn't get it when they subscribed.
If that's the worst glitch in this startup, I'll feel blessed.  I'm putting it
here for those who missed it. I think newer subscribers will get it now.

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set up, not on otp. If it's up there, you don't have to sign.  If you have a
screen name up there, you must.


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