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September 23, 2009


Dear friends and family in the Lord:


I woke up Monday morning and something just wasn?t right.  I knew it was the last day of summer, but I couldn?t feel my toes.  The radio was saying ??snowplows out on I-80 in Cheyenne??   What?!!   There were snow flurries the night before.  No way!!  Yes.  Welcome to our second year at 6,062 feet.   Unbelievable!  All my friends who ski are doing the happy dance in anticipation.  I am lamenting my rose bushes.  I love fall.  I hope we don?t skip it here.  We turned on our heat last evening for the first time because the dog was shivering, poor guy. 


I am writing to let you know that we will be moving.  The house idea was really great in theory, but we don?t have enough support built up to make the payment, so don?t want to try for a mortgage.  The owner has been patient, but needs to sell, not rent.  Our old address on 18th Street will no longer be good, so please use our P.O. Box address here in Cheyenne.    

P.O. Box 21013

                        Cheyenne, WY  82003


We are busy packing our stuff, some to store, and some to take with us to a smaller place.  We are looking to move into our church?s missionary apartment.   I see so much chance to serve my church and the next missionaries by doing some work that needs to be done in there. You know me; (I love a project!) and I think Vic can do just about anything. We are so grateful to our family at Cheyenne Berean Church for their generosity.  Pray for Nate, as he isn?t really wild about all this, but can really see the benefits.   My other two sons are probably torn between wishing they were closer to help and being glad to miss another move.  It may seem like we love moving because we seem to do it so much, but we really don?t.  We do love being able to go where God wants us to go and do what He has in mind for us to do.  Owning a house here might make that hard, so we are giving up that dream for now.      


The ladies at the Detention Center where I went to hold Bible Study last night said they didn?t know how I can still be cheerful through this and I was able to share with them the difference between happiness and real joy.  I also told them about you and what a blessing you are to us.  Thank you all for your love and prayers.  It makes it easier to weather the not so fun stuff when we know you are behind us.  The saints we minister to at the Senior Living Facility tomorrow will know what I mean.  They have so much to teach me, so I guess tomorrow, instead of packing, I go to school?


God bless you all.  Write when you can. 


In His Grip,



(for Vic and the boys too.)

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