[OGD] stolen at Palm Beach, Florida (US)

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"at... Worth Avenue store, Trillion, last month... homegrown red Vanda 
orchid was gone, stolen from an orchid collection that hangs outside...

In February, someone swiped the entire collection of eight orchids hanging 
at... shop, which prompted... to install surveillance cameras and post 
signs warning of the cameras.
... installed the cameras to discourage someone from stealing...
Who would steal an orchid? It's bad karma...

The most recent theft happened Oct. 17...

several business owners on the Avenue "immediately recognized" the man in 
the photos...

In surveillance video photos, a man and a woman are shown standing by a 
white car.
The man is seen taking the orchid and putting it the back seat of the car.
The man then sits in the passenger seat as the woman drives off...

attorney would handle everything and Trillion would be compensated.
attorney... didn't admit his client's guiltbut he told police that he would 
send a check from his trust account to Trillion.
police received a copy of the $150 check... payable to Trillion.
[the owner of the store] chose not to prosecute at this time...
said she would have preferred to have the orchid returned, but that wasn't 
As far as prosecuting... she said there are too many cases clogging up the 
court system.
"How much is it worth... " [she] said.
"I grew it. It's priceless.
The whole meaning behind it is priceless.
It's sharing.
It's beauty."

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