[OGD] sequencing of cymbidiums [South Korea]

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"Cymbidium, commonly known as the "boat orchid," is Korea's most-exported 
flower, especially in the winter, and accounts for a great
part of flower exports to China.

... until recently the majority of cymbidiums produced in Korea were of 
foreign species, which means that each flower has certain
royalty payments to be exported overseas.
[Korea] has been researching and developing the orchid since the early 
1990s, and some 25 species have been bred domestically over the
past decade.
to protect the Korean-developed species, DNA sequencing that distinguishes 
the genetic diference between domestic and foreign orchids
has been developed.

The species... can be identified long before the flower blooms, enabling an 
early distinguishment at the stage of sapling.
to better protect the breed... genetic markers will... be utilized...
genetic sequencing will be used... to... secure the Korean flower market 
and the legal rights of the species [producers]"

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