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"in Los Alamos... Santa Barbara County...
permit violations...

Chisan Orchids Nursery...
is on 50 acres east of Los Alamos...
had requested in October that the county Planning Commission approve a plan 
to legalize and construct a total of 1.4 million square feet of greenhouses.

The first phase would have consisted of legalizing the existing 1.1 million 
square feet of greenhouses, deck space, pump house and storage buildings, 
and addressing landscaping and flood-control issues, such as retention basins.

Phase two would have encompassed the additional structures, such as two 
proposed greenhouses and the construction of a combined warehouse and 
office building.

... the Planning Commission decided there should be no new construction 
until the current structures were brought into compliance...
a 90-day deadline.
concern is to protect... plants from frost conditions...
at one point, $7 million worth of flowers could have been lost due to cold 

letters noticing violations, such as unpermitted electrical and mechanical 
equipment in shade structures and an office trailer.

Site visits had been made documenting illegal tractor-trailers, and 
additional unpermitted structures that had gone up between check-ins.

In the meantime, nursery representatives repeatedly requested a permit for 
a natural gas line to replace the propane heaters for the plants, and were 
denied due to the violations.

The timeline arranged by county staff documents years of either 
miscommunication and misunderstanding or defiance and contempt for the 
county's planning and building regulations.
the nursery owner, Heungbok Lee, is not fluent in English, and that his 
agents misinterpreted the county's code for agricultural structures.

... the Board of Supervisors decided to include additional pressure to 
comply by requesting monthly updates from the Planning and Development 
Department on the nursery's progress.

... the Central Board of Architectural Review (CBAR) will consider the 
nursery's plan to permit the existing structures and other conditions 
placed on the project, such as landscaping requirements."





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