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  • From: Tom Hillson <tdhillson@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 12:07:43 -0600


You may also want to look at using a solar still as another option for 
purification. It would use all solar energy and give you a rain water like 
product at the end. Or a combination of methods, I can not imagine what you are 
going through with the drought down in Australia, I depend on rain water and RO 
water for all my watering needs for my small greenhouse. 

You can find lots of information on Solar Stills if you do a google search.

Good luck keeping your water recycled and being able to meet your needs.

Tom Hillson

On Jan 5, 2010, at 3:38 PM, Australian Orchid Nursery wrote:

> Hi Guys ,Australian Orchid Nursery (Wayne Turville) back again.
> The nursery has just expended to a large new property and for the first time
> in 30 years of orchid growing I now need to use Dam water.
> Due to the shortage of fresh water in South East Australia due to a 18 year
> drought now dam water is our only option.
> Unfortunately by law ,all runoff must be recycled back in to the dam.
> For disease reasons that means I will have to pump and tank and treat the
> water going back to the orchids.
> I have heard of UV Light  treatments, and sand filters.
> I thought maybe chlorinating the tank and leaving the water to stand for a
> few days for the chlorine to evaporate,But then this may put up the salt
> content of the water too high?
> I also have the option of a large bio filter in the form of a 100 metre long
> reed bed,.
> Has anyone got some experience who can help me.
> Surely we all cant be using mains tap water!
> Wayne Turville Australian Orchid Nursery.

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