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  • Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 15:51:49 +0000

Helga, I wondered about that too.  But times change and laws change and legal 
presidents change.  I was interested to see this on Wikipedia about defending 
databases: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_right
The article mentions OrchidWiz's position that a database is static information 
- as in the phone company's phone book - so use isn't protected.  It also 
mentions that a database that has a creative component to it is protected. It 
also mentions that database protection is different in the Europen Union, which 
protects even static databases.  So it would appear that the RHS is trying to 
protect its List of Hybrid Registry and the AOS is trying to protect its 
creative award database.
Speaking merely for myself to me the sticking point is OrchidWiz's request to 
license in perpetuity.  Even copyright laws aren't written for perpetuity.  
When I allowed my photos to be published in OW I signed an agreement to license 
them in perpetuity and even I - dolt that I am - stumbled over that notion.  In 
perpetuity?  No matter what form their use may take in the future?  Did I want 
to do that?  Then I realized that my images were essentially crap and so who'd 
give a sh*t?  So I signed.  But teh RHS hybrid registry or the AOS award 
database, well, that's a little different than my out of focus images.
Just sayin'
But I'm not a Trustee.  I'm not in the RHS.  I have no idea what's been said 
behind closed doors.  All I know is I use OW more than the AQ+.  To me they are 
different products to be used for very different reasons.
K Barrett - NCalif - USA
> If the AOS thought the data was protected by copyright, then they should
> have sued Wildcatt 15 years ago. They keep making the claim, but when
> Wildcatt started out there was never even a cease and desist letter. The
> AOS knows there is no copyright on the data. But they continue to make the
> claim. And, in point of fact, false claims of copyright are illegal! It
> is a law that is rarely enforced though, with a paltry fine as a penalty, so
> everyone ignores it.
> Helga Gray
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