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>From: K Barrett <orchidtrekker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Many thanks to Wendy for her excellent comments about fire or smoke 
>triggering flowering in terrestrials.  I vaguely recall a study 
>trying to replicate that effect in a lab.  I don't recall the 
>results, if they were successful or not.

this isn't a report of lab results, but I was told that in the albany 
pine bush which has some rare plants, liquid smoke used for 
barbecuing flavor was successfully used to trigger plant growth and 
flowering. exact info isn't available from me at this time since it 
was a few years back but it's a nature conservancy site and some 
state (ny) botanists were involved if that's helpful. instead of 
burning the area since there are housing complexes all around, they 
chipped the local vegetation and brush hogged it, then applied the 
liquid smoke

charles ufford
oriskany, ny usa
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