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Please, please remove me from your mailing list!!!

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orchids Digest  Wed, 29 Oct 2008    Volume: 01  Issue: 020

In This Issue:
        Hoosier's auctions


From: "Gareth Wills" <gwills13@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hoosier's auctions
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 08:20:25 -0400

Now that Hoosier has brought their price of the plants down to more
auction-like prices per plant  take a look at their terms before you go 
First - The plants represented by these lists are sold on an "AS IS" 
IS" basis.  Hoosier Orchid Company has the discretion to accept or 
any offer to purchase.   Hoosier Orchid Company (the seller) 
disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not 
to, of the health, viability, merchantability, or fitness of these 
for any particular purpose.  The seller makes no warranty, expressed or
implied, as to the future health, growth, or productivity of any of 
plants.  The seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the
correct naming or labeling of any of these plants.
There's no warranty on the health or viability of the plants?  And they
can't warranty the name of the plant? If that's ok with you, 
something's a
little loose.
There is a $300 minimum. They will accept payment in cash, check, bank 
or credit card.  Note that they will charge a 1.75% premium for credit 
payment. Charging you for using your credit card? Ok but that's the way 
world runs now.
Shipping will be charged at actual cost. But for handling, they will 
an hourly packing fee of $25.00 per hour (actual packing time, does not
reflect any time to pull the plants), and box charges of $25.00 per 
box, $15.00 per medium box, and $7.50 per small box.  Once they pull 
plants they will be able to estimate the number and size of boxes.
Let's face it, if you're buying $300 worth of plants, you're not going 
squeeze them into a small box or probably even a medium one. And they're
probably going to take more than an hour to wrap and pack 15 plants or 
so if
they're doing it carefully. If you've never sent plants before you have 
idea how long it can take. And if you're being paid by the hour what's 
incentive to hurry?
I have no problems with Hoosier or with the Rhodehamels. I wish them the
best once this is over. I know what it's like to see the business you've
worked so hard  to create for many years come crashing down at your 
And the auction process is grueling especially if you're having some 
company do it for you and all you can do is watch. I am just referring 
the auction here, not the company or people. I find the above conditions
atrocious. And if that plant you've been looking for shows up at a 
price, just remember that that's the price on top of the ridiculous $50 
charge you're being slapped with. And I'd be particularly insulted if I 
a long-time customer and sorry to see the company go, so I'm going to 
them by buying some of those plants I've been waiting for. Even though 
is a pinch at this time. Wait!, that's $350. No, extra boxes and 
$420. Plus actual shipping $480. That's a lot of 'sorry' you're paying 
And you're not even guaranteed that the plants are healthy and have the
correct name tag. I think my money can go to a surviving company who 
back my purchase.


From: IrisCohen@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 21:25:22 EDT
Subject: Anoectochilus

I just acquired Anct. chapaensis, a very lovely species. It has been 
since 1931, but there are no AOS awards. From what I have gleaned, it 
be that difficult to grow. Is there something I should know? Has it 
awarded overseas?

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