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"Gardening mysteries featuring orchids...

first ventured into this genre of mysteries...
read Rex Stout's 'Black Orchids'... which featured his detective, Nero 
Wolfe, who raises prize-winning orchids in his New York brownstone 
Wolfe... this mystery explores how his lust for acquiring rare black 
orchids leads to a visit to the local flower show, a rising body count and 
the lengths that he will go to satisfy his orchid fever.

Ann Ripley... another... author...
Her mysteries feature Louise Eldridge, a host of a popular gardening series 
set in Washington, DC.
In 'Death in the Orchid Garden (2006), Eldridge goes to the island of Kauai 
to film a few episodes only to discover while on an evening stroll the body 
of a noted botanist at the bottom of a cliff.
recently came across the orchid mystery series by Michelle Wan set in the 
Dordogne in southwest France...
Her first book, 'Deadly Slipper' (2005) concerns the fate of a missing 
woman who disappeared 20 years ago with the ongoing search for an... 
unknown Slipper Orchid.
Wan and her husband, Tim, are both horticulturalists who actually travel to 
and reside in the Dordogne each spring when the orchids are blooming.
Check out 'The Orchid Shroud' and 'A Twist of Orchids'   "

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