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  • From: K Barrett <orchidtrekker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 15:31:05 +0000

Really?  You think this works?  I'm so used to one pair per 'patient' it goes 
against the grain, LOL!  I suppose the nitrile and vinyl gloves are less 
permeable than latex.  I suppose one could use quats or 10% bleach, asssuming 
the chemical didn't make the vinyl tear more easily.... I dunno, Alain, I'll 
have to mull this over.  Its tempting but it only takes one virus...  But 
perhaps I'm overthinking.
K Barrett, N Calif, USA - currently treating dermatitis on the forearm instead 
of the hands, *G* (Didn't get the long sleeved shirt out quick enough!)
> I also now use vinyl gloves as i am allergic to latex and its price.
> I just spray the gloves between each plant with a solution of quaternary 
> ammoniums used in industrial kitchens to get them germ , fungi and virus free 
> eco-bac fromECO-LAB 2g/L
> Product inside
> N-n bis (3 aminopropyl) dodecylamine
> 4. %
> Alain Benoit
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