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"at the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) 
at Universiti Putra Malaysia.
... orchid hybrids... created [named] by Mardi to honour Malaysia's members 
of royalty, statesmen, dignitaries and their spouses.

The institute's deputy director and senior principal research officer, 
Fadelah Abdul Aziz, said they had been introducing new orchid hybrids for 
more than two decades...

"All the hybrids which we have created are with Mardi and [registrations] 
have been sent to the International Registration Authority of Orchid 
Hybrids for registration.

"The institute created its first orchid hybrid more than 20 years ago and 
it was named after Mardi itself.
"We do have many hybrids in our collection that have yet to be named.

"To date, Mardi has created some 2,000 to 3,000 orchid hybrids of the 
various genus [genera] using mother plants from the Malaysian jungles, 
Thailand, Indonesia and Australia."

The Siti Hasmah hybrid is a cross between two different orchid genera, 
Aranda Christine "Alba" and Vanda Boom Mark Gold.

For the Norainee Abdul Rahman hybrid, the institute used the female parent 
Mokara Khaw Phaik Susan, a commercially-grown cut-flower hybrid, with 
Ascocenda Udomchai from Thailand.

Fadelah said a hybrid could take up to five years-- from the day two plants 
were crossed-- to flower...

"Malaysian orchids are popular the world over because of their colours.
The Japanese are fond of our white orchids, while Malaysians simply love 
the bright-coloured variety.

"Almost 80 per cent of Malaysian orchids go through Singapore before they 
are exported overseas because many Singaporeans have a share in our orchid 
farms, especially the ones in Johor."   "

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photo : [caption : "Vanda Tun Dr Siti Hasmah... has white, lavender, yellow 
and pink flowers."]




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