[OGD] bee of the year (Switzerland)

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"One of Switzerland?s 580 species of wild bee has been chosen as Pro 
Natura?s animal of the year...

Eucera nigrescens... is described by Pro Natura as a ?furry pollen taxi?. 
... pollinating the late spider orchid.

The orchid... imitating the shape and smell of the female.
The male comes along to mate, and receives a load of pollen instead, which 
it passes on to the next plant it visits.

Pro Natura said the choice of the long-horned bee with its highly 
specialised relationship with the orchid was designed to illustrate the 
importance of millions of insects for biodiversity.

It said 45 per cent of all wild bees are on the red list of endangered 
species in Switzerland.
If they were to disappear, many plant species would disappear too.

The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity.
Pro Natura has launched its own campaign under the slogan: Biodiversity ? 
every species counts!   "



photo : [caption : " The long-horned bee gets up close to a spider orchid."]


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