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"My father was an orchid collector back in the days when collecting and 
maintaining orchids was a big deal.
If you wanted orchids, you could get a permit and literally go collect them 
from exotic places like Peru and Costa Rica. But you would be lucky if your 
found treasures survived the long, six-month quarantine [40 days ?] at the 
U.S. border. The other options were to attend orchid shows or drive long 
distances to find special greenhouse nurseries that bred and sold orchids.
I know; I went to many a show and was dragged on many of Dad's orchid road 
I couldn't believe some of the back roads my father would travel to satisfy 
his passion.

At first all orchids looked the same to me, but I soon learned the 
different types and got the bug myself.
I also learned the little secret of those who made the effort to find them: 
The hardest part was finding orchids.
Once you had them, they were really easy to grow.

Today, things have ... changed.
The biggest difference is that one can practically buy orchids as easily as 
They [some] are that common.
Orchids are also a lot less expensive and almost always [not so !] in full 
bloom when you buy them.
Nurseries, local supermarkets and national chain stores... are... now 
selling them...

Now you can Google an orchid's name and [sometimes] find all you need to 
know to ensure success.
Those expensive orchid books are now "coffee table" [or scientific] books...

Now you can simply glue orchids to cork using a glue gun or super glue...

They [some] only need to be watered once a week, for example.
a good book or two on orchids will come in handy...
One of my favorites is "Orchid Growing For Wimps" by Ellen Zachos"

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