[OGD] Virus test strip newbie

  • From: K Barrett <orchidtrekker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 20:00:18 +0000

As you all know I'm never too ashamed to admit how stupid I am in public.  This 
is yet another example of my willingness for public self flagellation.


There is a learning curve to the Adgia test strips.  At $5 a throw be aware of 
this.  Its NOT AS EASY as it looks.  Let me tell you the stupid mistakes I've 
made so that hopefully y'all can tell me how you surmounted these troubles 
and/or not make them yourselves.


When mashing the plant tissue the reagent gets really frothy.  I assume placing 
the test strip into the froth counts as dipping into the reagent?  Even though 
the video on the Adgia web page shows a nice clean liquid mass that any dolt 
could dip a test strip in to the proper depth, in real life this isn't so.  Its 
like testing beer.  So my question is: wait for the froth to die down?  Wipe it 
to the side and dip the strip into the clear liquid at the edge ot the test 
packet?  If you can find any.  What do you do?


Does the oxidized liquid test accurately as intended?  The liquid oxidizes very 
rapidly, like in seconds.  By the time you grab a strip its changing already.  
So what do you do to prevent oxidation - and don't say not to let air into the 
sample, you gotta place the strip in the liquid - air gets in there.


Adgia used to have Loren Bachman's 'Orchid' article on their web page, but its 
not there now or more probably I simply can't find it.  Doesn't he pierce the 
baggie and insert the strip into the liquid that way?  [sigh] just another 
example of why teh AOS should put their goddamn index on line so I don't have 
to pull all my magazines off the shelf searching for something I know is there. 


Frustrated? Moi?


K Barrett

N Calif, USA

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