[OGD] Problem of taxonomy

  • From: Harvey Brenneise <harvey.brenneise@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 22:25:08 -0800

I can only second what Peter and others have said more eloquently than I
can, while I can sympathize with Dot and Ray.  The problem may be the idea
that we _should_ be able to have a simple and definitive way to describe
nature. Perhaps what gets in the way is the simple Western notion that if
something is not A then it must be B--that everything should or even can be
placed into neat little boxes.  The boxes may be useful in their way, but
Mother Nature in her profusion and in the process of constant change simply
cannot be described accurately and permanently in this way not matter how
many maps we make or how sophisticated they are.
And just to throw a little more fuel on the fire:


"Vapid" and "absurd" were comments that I read going around the botanic
garden where I work!

Usually sunny Southern California that's experiencing a few sprinkles.

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