[OGD] Polystachya concreta / being restored in Florida (US)

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"Illinois College Biology Professor... Lawrence Zettler,,,
restoring an endangered species.

For the past two years... Zettler and Illinois College students have been 
working on a grant to nurture more than 1,800 Polystachya concreta...
commonly known as yellow helmet orchids, to help repopulate part of South 
Florida with the plants.
350 of those orchids left Jacksonville in a van with Dr. Zettler and 13 
Illinois College students bound for the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge in 
Naples, Fla.
There the plants will live in a greenhouse until summer, when IC student 
interns J.J. Sadler and Jackie Smith can deposit the orchids in their 
natural environment inside the refuge, where they will be monitored and 
protected from poachers.

... Zettler has been helping to restore populations of native orchids using 
his labs at Illinois College since 1996.
His work led him to develop a method of propagating the... plants in a lab 
That method is now studied by scientists... and helps restore populations 
of the plants...

"My father studied orchid viruses; he was a professor too, so I grew up 
with plants," said... Zettler...
"Since early on, I had a fascination with orchids and their pollinators... 
he continued...

explains... Sadler.
"We're finding medical purposes..."
... Sadler... plans to study biology and conservation at graduate school.

"Having students involved is important,"... Zettler said.
"It's important that (students) take this and run with it, because they are 
the stewards for the next generation.
There are 30-50 species, plants and animals, that go extinct every day in 
the world"   "

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