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FYI Guarianthe derives its name from the Costa Rican name for orchids "guaria" 
and the Greek for flower "anthe".


IIRC Dressler separated Guarianthe some years ago at the first ICNO in Costa 
Rica.  Luckily, OrchidWiz provides a cite to the literature my feeble brain 
couldn't remember.  It was published in Lankersteriana vol (2003) on page 37.


Casio van den Berg et al segregated the (largely) Central American cattleyas 
from Cattleya in 2000.  That literature has been cited already.  Dressler and 
Higgins (cited above) further separated the skinneri 'swarm' from its close 
sister group Rhyncholaelia not only based on DNA sequences, but also on 
morphological differences.  Gur. having 4 pollinia (vs 8), a racemose 
inflorescence with many flowers (vs sessile and one flower), a small nectary 
(vs prominent).  They go onto place C. bowringiana in this group though admit 
that future analysis may remove it again.  Therefore as of 2003 Gur. consisted 
of aurantiaca, patinii, skinneri and bowringiana and they leave x guatemalensis 
alone.  In 2004 Higgins dealt further with x guatelmalensis in Orchid Digest 
(68:39) suggesting it take the name of its parents: Gur.  


Please read the cites for yourselves as I have probably wrongly predigested 
them for you.  IMHO its kinda hard to deny morphological differences.  But what 
do I know?    


K Barrett

N Calif, USA
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