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Dear Orchids Digest colleagues :

Those of you who read with interest my postings (quotes from a recently 
published long comment)
George Norris -- part 1a

George Norris -- part 1b

George Norris -- part 2

might also find interesting the following quotes from another comment (by 
Conn Carroll):

"Last week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on 
Over-Criminalization of Conduct/Over-Federalization of Criminal Law...
Reps. Bobby Scott (D-VA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX)... holding a bipartisan 
hearing today to examine how federal law can make a criminal out of anyone, 
for even the most mundane conduct.

Federal law in particular now criminalizes entire categories of activities 
that the average person would never dream would land him in prison...

testifying last week was Kathy Norris...

George Norris... retiree, had turned his orchid hobby into a part-time 
business run from the greenhouse in back of his home.
He would import orchids from abroad?South Africa, Brazil, Peru?and resell 
them at plant shows and to local enthusiasts.
He never made more than a few thousand dollars a year from his orchid 
business, but it kept him engaged and provided ... extra money...

Their life would take a turn for the worse on... October 28, 2003, when 
federal agents... raided his home, seizing his belongings and setting the 
gears in motion for a federal prosecution and jail time."

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As always, URLs are provided for those of you who might be interested in 
reading the complete articles.



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