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  • Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 08:45:19 -0400

I'm happy to offer a brief report from the AOS Members Meeting that 
just concluded in Wilmington, Delaware.  The meetings were held at 
the DuPont Hotel and the Trustees met at Longwood Gardens for the 
first time since 1946.

Carlo Fighetti is still AOS President.  Elections are now held at the 
spring Members Meetings.  Carlos is eligible for one more elected term.

The main thrust of the Trustees business was the completion of the 
first formal three year Strategic Plan.  The Trustees have been 
meeting over the summer in retreats to develop this plan with the 
assistance of facilitator Carl Richardson.  The plan addresses all 
aspects of the organization and prioritizes actions over the next 
three years.  It will be published soon (Trustees don't yet have a 
written copy) on the website and in other venues.  The plan is just 
that: a plan that will be modified as necessary over the period.  It 
is an important guide to our future.  The volunteer leadership of the 
AOS welcomes questions, comments or suggestions related to the plan 
and AOS activities.

The committee meetings and social events were well attended and 
capped by a fabulous Gala event hosted by Longwood Gardens.  A fine 
time was had by all.


William A. Rhodehamel
AOS Vice President

Hoosier Orchid Company
8440 West 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN  46278-1062  USA
317 291-6269, 888 291-6269
Fax: 317 291-8949

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