[orcad] Re-numbering in Orcad V10.0

  • From: "Miswald, Ron" <RMiswald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: orcad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 15:50:43 -0500

We have a project in which we are trying to re-number a schematic so that
all designators on the schematic agree with the page number it is on, i.e.
resistors on page 1 are R101, R102, etc.  We got into this mess when the
original board schematic was renumbered in this fashion.  It worked.  I have
the logs to prove it.  Later in the design process a number of other changes
had been made.   For these changes no attempt was made to preserve the page
number integrity of the changes.  At this point when we tried to re-number
the schematic the renumbered parts were moved off board.  I even asked a
couple knowledgeable people outside my company if they had ideas.  They said
it couldn't be done.  Due to pressure to ship we dropped the matter...
Re-numbering the board to schematic, running the swap file, and then running
ECO (schematic to layout) also makes the parts jump off board.  It
definitely seems that not running the swap file is key so that everything
doesn't get screwed up.
  The strange part of the re-numbering is that only a few parts jump off
board.  These are a couple of moderate pin count parts (44 pin).  Most if
not all passives and other ICs don't jump off board when renumbered.  
Unfortunately this renumbering had drawn some high profile internal
attention...  I am in the process of manually renumbering the board and
schematic.  I am about 1/3 of the way into the change process.  So far it
appears to work.  This was accomplished by ignoring the warning to stop the
ECO process and run swap properties (renumbering board to schematic with a
swap file screwed up the existing values on the schematic, i.e. a resistor
with the value "10.0K" was changed to the value "R".  For this reason I am
not using the back annotation option.).  
Subsequent recreating the net list, and ECOing into the layout all looks
good.  This is not a process run by many due to its not adding much value.
Still if anyone has run it, and knows of specific gotcha's...  

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