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I looked into this a couple of years ago and that was the only answer. I had
30-some parts in the package and just ended up leaving the extras blank. 


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Hello Everyone!
When I created a Hetero part, without thinking too much about how I was
going to format it, I decided to create 4 parts in the package.  However, as
the creation progressed, I found out that I only needed two of the parts in
the package. I tried to change the value from 4 to 2, but an error popped up
saying that I can only delete parts when in package view.  Thing is, I WAS
in package view.

From some experimenting, I discovered that I can increase the number of
parts in a hetero package, but not decrease it.  I can however increase and
decrease the number of parts in a homo package without a problem.  The only
solution I have found is to create a new hetero package with 2 parts in it
and then copy the parts from the original package into the new one.

Is there another way to do this?


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