[orcad] Importing graphics into Orcad

  • From: "Miswald, Ron" <RMiswald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'orcad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <orcad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:06:55 -0500

Yesterday I had the following adventure:
I had a max file with a logo.  The logo and a board outline are the only
components on this design.  The original design had all components and nets
stripped out so that the logo could be reused (hence the file I am trying to
import).    Examining the file shows a number of relic unused pad stacks
(besides vias).  When I try to delete them from the spreadsheet I get the
message that they are in use.  As a result they are not deleted.  The second
time I try deleting them a side box comes up.  This side box tells me what
footprint they are attached to.  Many footprints are grayed out.  I deleted
those which weren't.  That didn't help either.
Upon trying to load into a design the question is asked to update or copy
(the radio buttons are yes and no).  It doesn't matter which I select.  I
get pad stacks screwed up both ways.  
I have tried min out and in with no success. 
Additional information which may or may not be relevant.  I have
experimented with three different designs.  Two were converted from Pads.
The third was Orcad from day 1.
I consider this a bug.  Anyone else find a way to import one file into
another without this type of problem?
Today after a nights sleep (it always helps to reset the keyboard to chair
interface) I imported the graphic into Autocad.  From there I cleaned it up,
and reimported back into Orcad.  I checked the pad stacks (T1, T2, and T7)
which were generated in this virgin file to make sure nothing else got
messed with.  This time it was fine.  It did reset my global clearances.
I also consider this a bug.  
If anyone has found other ways of importing graphics I would love to hear
how you did it.

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