RE: TOAD vs SQL Navigator

  • From: "Dave Schmoldt" <gazcom@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <oradev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 11:46:23 -0500

> I have never used or tried TOAD before, so, for those of you 
> using it, what are the features that you like most in this 
> tool? and if you were the one who had to choose, why did you 
> choose TOAD?

We started out with SQL Navigator years ago, when TOAD was still a free tool
(before Quest bought it).

The initial things that drove me to TOAD were probably the tabbed browser
interface (I hate navigating trees!) and the amazing level of support.  If
you asked for an enhancement or fix, it might appear two days later.  Jim
McDaniels was great!

Since then, TOAD has been bought by Quest, there's a whoile team of coders
working on TOAD, and Jim McDaniels is no longer involved, but they still
offer that amazing support and beta program open to anyone who asks (if
you're a licensed TOAD owner).  I get a fresh beta twice a week, and again,
fixes and enhancements often appear in a few days.  How long does it take
for an enhancement request to appear SQL Navigator?  Once a year or so?  Or
is there even a place for you to provide feedback and talk to the developers

My impression is that Quest is keeping SQL Navigator alive because it has a
stable installed base, but all their future work is centered on TOAD (and
the new TOAD versions for SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, etc.)

And they still have a free version of TOAD available at for
those folks who can't afford the full-price version.  It's stripped down in
some way, but still very functional.  It was recently updated to use the
newest TOAD commercial code base.

TOAD is an amazing tool.  To quote the gun owners, you would have to pry it
out of my cold, dead fingers. :-)

And to clarify, I haven't used SQL Navigator for years, so am not really
current on what features it offers.  I know there are some areas where TOAD
and SQL Navigator share the same code base.

Hey, you didn't say I had to provide an impartial opinion. :-)



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