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        Just checked one of my HP-UX servers and while port 1521 is
certainly busy, it's not the only one by far.=20

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
Oracle Certified 8i DBA
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Just wondering if one of my strongly held untested assumptions is wrong.
I always thought that when you connected to Oracle via the listener in
dedicated server mode, you would come in via the listener port (i.e.
1521, 1526). The listener would then validate, spawn off a shadow
oracleSID process using some arbitrary port, and the client would then
be passed to this process with the listener butting out at that point.
The client would then be connected to the database through that
arbitrary port.
Last week a developer and myself checked this out. He sniffed the coming
and going of packets, and everything used only port 1521. I looked at
netstat (I think the parameters were asp (RedHat AS3 OS) but I'm not
sure. That info is at work but I'm not at the moment) and the only
active Oracle ports were also 1521. Are other ports used? Is this
dependent on load? I searched metalink and found the question asked, but
no answers were ever posted.




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