RE: xml access how to set up security access etc

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See inline comment


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Onderwerp: RE: xml access how to set up security access etc

Just to make sure I'm on the same page...  A third party will be
building and hosting the web site.  This web site will end up with
hundreds of suppliers passing in information about their stock.  The
proposal is that this web site passes XML data through the intranet
firewall to a web service running in your intranet.

If the supplier is building a web service, it sounds like they're
talking about using an application server in the sense of a middle tier
server hosting an application.  They're probably not talking about an
application server in the J2EE sense, but a J2EE application server
wouldn't generally be used in a .Net solution.  I would argue that Java
is a better fit for building web services with Oracle, particularly on
the security side, but reasonable people can disagree there. =20

Nope they want to build this webservice and adress security through firewall
And this webservice.
On the XML side, are you thinking about sending XML to the database
rather than calling stored procedures via ODBC?  Or am I
misunderstanding that part of the question?

No you understand it correctly, I don't want their webservice, I want an
appserver and pass through the xml to the database and build any
bussineslogic there.

Additional question might be is there any performance issue in building this
Xml-interface directly on the database compared to a separate webservice

Justin Cave
Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

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I meant that we have a supplier offering to be a new website, host this
website, makes a connection through the internet, passes a firewall in
our company, makes a connection to our backoffice.
We have to built the connection on the backoffice. Supplier wants to get
in through xml, built a translation webservice on our side extra that
will call the backoffice procedures through .net (probably something

I need concrete arguments to convince management that
a) better to build backoffice procedures in xml so you don't need the
translation service built by the supplier
b) I need an application server to manage security
c) ....



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