RE: x$kghlu, Steve's shared_pool_lru_stats

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This email caught my eyes browsing through 100s of unread ORACLE-L
email. I didn't find any answer to this question so decided to reply.


The value of _kghsidx_count is dependent on 2 factors. One is the size
of shared pool and the other is CPU. Not sure if this algorithm is
absolutely right, but it is close.

_kghsidx_count =3D ROUND ( LEAST ( No. Of CPUs / 4, Shared Pool (in MB)/
128 ) )


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I toyed around with the size of the shared pool in the
attempt to get 3 heaps, but to no avail. Even setting
shared_pool_size to 20GB didn't produce 3 heaps. Just
curious how does one get 7?

Also a more practical question (I think). If my
"optimal" shared pool size is around 250MB (i.e. at
150-200MB I get ORA-4031), would I be better off with
240MB and a single heap or at 250MB and dual heaps?

Boris Dali.

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