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So, if I understand it correctly, your databases will have their storage either 
on the EVA or on the XP. You won't have mirrored asm diskgroups with failgroups 
on both storage boxes?

In that case your cluster will continue to function as long as you have a 
single voting disk accessible (and your interconnect is not disconnected).
When creating an asm diskgroup consisting out of 3 luns spread out over the 2 
storage boxes, this will make that if one of the storage boxes is down your 
cluster will be still online.
However if it is the EVA which is down, 90% of your databases will be down. So 
the advantage is maybe small compaired to just put the asm diskgroup for the 
voting disks and ocrfiles on the EVA.

Regardless wether or not you spread the voting disks and ocr disks over both 
storage boxes or not, it is a good idea to create a separate asm diskgroup for 
these files.


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I'm in process of migrating some databases to a 3 node RAC 11gR2.
90% of my databases will use an EVA8500 storage and 10% will use a XP24000. In 
terms of disponibility, XP is the storage, but i'm studying the best place to 
put voting disk files, as most of my databases will depend only on EVA.
I'm considering the creation of an ASM diskgroup in XP with a failover group 
pointing to EVA, and put all my VDs and OCRs there. 
Is this a good option? Can anyone point cons of this solution?

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