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I'm running it on a 'Solaris Container' (virtual server).  Originally it was on 
the physical machine and then every ported to the Container.

However, with my discussions with Oracle Support, there was no possibly way to 
move it to an new machine virtual or not that has a different IP address.   
They said the the IP addresses are just buried to deep and to many to be able 
to edit them all by hand.

Have you figured out a way of doing it?   P.S.  I'm thinking of just installing 
12C on a new server from scratch anyway.

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

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For what it's worth, I concur - I have installed Grid Control on VMWare 
and have been reasonably pleased with the result in the past.  Grid 
Control is a fairly hefty beast so make sure you give it enough horsepower.

Although I'd seriously look at moving to Cloud Control - why upgrade in 
1 year?  Of course, not everything monitored under Grid Control is 
compatible with Cloud Control, so ...

As usual with anything that involves Oracle App Server/OC4J, networking 
is the bear - it's a challenge to change the IP address or host name 
after install.  In this case, especially true since all the agents are 
hunting for that host name and they all would need to be reconfigured.  
So spend the time up front planning that.

Oracle has somewhat changed their approach to supporting product on top 
of VMWare.  Simplistically stated, if you have a problem, it is up to 
you to determine the problem is not caused by VMWare, but otherwise they 
are willing to demonstrate the exemplary support technique ;-)  More 
info at MOS Note "Support Position for Oracle Products Running on VMWare 
Virtualized Environments" [ID 249212.1]

That said, I find I am slowly migrating everything toward OracleVM 3 
(3.0.3) and Oracle Linux 5 (update 6 for now) in part because of 
Oracle's approach to licensing virtualized CPUs.


On 29/02/2012 8:22 PM, Kamran Agayev (ICT/SNO) wrote:
> Hi
> Yes, I've installed. You can check the video tutorial of the installation 
> from the following link
> I've done it many times and didn't get any issue
> Regards,
> Kamran Agayev
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> Hi,
>      From what I understand, Oracle does not support
> any of their products on VMWARE.
>      With that said, has anyone installed grid control on VMWARE ?
> If so, were there any issues ?
>      Thanks
>          ed lewis
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