Re: v$active_Session_history column question

  • From: Mogens Nørgaard <mln@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 17:13:05 +0200


I think this could very well be what we do at the Database Forum as a 
cool follow-up to the BAARF Musical we did last year, Mladen.

We expect to announce the first brews from Miracle Breweries at the DBF, 
too, at an open-air concert. Talked to a ZZ Top copy band, in fact. And 
with James Morle's new outfit Scaleable Music (I kid you not) which owns 
amps with an output of 12,500 Watt, several very BIG speakers of the 
TurboSound variety, and then this DanNiallMladen play, we just might be 
able to entertain a crowd for a few minutes.

Will you help write it, please?


Mladen Gogala wrote:

> On 07/14/2004 10:00:10 AM, Daniel Fink wrote:
>>I think a better designation would be null$ tables. Since null is an =
>>unknown value and you cannot legally deny a license or access=20
>>to the unknown (even in stupid-law-happy USA), no one could restrict =
>>us from using them.
>>Mogens - We have these objects called null$ that we use to examine th=
>>e instance and database.
>>Lawyer - And what is null?
>>Mogens - Null is unknown
>>Lawyer - By you?
>>Mogens - Not just Lousiana, but all over the world.
> I tried to keep out and tone down my engagement, but sometimes, just 
> sometimes,
> the tempation is far too strong. In other words, Daniel Fink, it's all your 
> fault!
> Now, let me rewrite your little play:
> Lawyer - And what is null?
> Mogens (Educator of 2003) - Null is unknown
> Mladen (grumpy of 2003)   - keeps quiet, but his face darkens signifficantly.
> Lawyer - By you?
> Mogens - Not just Lousiana, but all over the world.
> Mladen (explodes): Read the freaking manual, you [EXPLETIVE CENSORED BY 
> FCC].....
>                    (keeps on ranting about usefulness of this list, temerity 
> of lazy beginners, and
>                     his own imeasurable contribution to the world of oracle 
> and this list in particular)
> Mogens & Lawyer, decidedly disgusted by the rant leave the scene and go to 
> the nearest pub for beer.
> Mladen: enganges in fruitless fights with everybody, and eventually has to 
> apologize. Finally, he joins
> lawyer and Mogens in the pub, buys a round and loses a game of pool to Mogens.

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