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Thanks to everyone who helped with this question.  I hope we will have an
actual plan to make this work before Friday.  I will share the final results
when they are complete.

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Win2K domain

WinXP clients

AIX5.2, Oracle 9i server

Good morning all,

We are looking for a solution which will allow us to let users authenticate
their database connections using their Windows logon credentials and Active
Directory.  We do not use OAS therefore do not have OID.  Apparently this is
the only easy way to do this according to Oracle Support and searches thru
Metalink.  I was hoping that someone has an easy (read cheap) solution that
we can adapt to our needs.  Using Active Directory is not a must, but we do
own it.

The problem is that users have to change their login passwords in too many
places,  We have to be IRS security compliant so we cannot see the passwords
when they forget them, and once in awhile they do forget.;-))

Thanks in advance,

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