RE: unique constraint violation on 8i import but not on 9i

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Or apply the constraint exceptions into exceptions and find the

I would then look them up in the 9i database.  You say there is no nls
funny stuff, but the character set point (in another email answer)
seemed like a good lead.

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>The export taken from an 8i database fails on import into the same
>rebuilt 8i database) with primary key violation.

Do the import with the ignore=y option then.

As Alex already said - PK is enabled AFTER table data is loaded.

After you load everything up you will end up without that violated PK
and some related FK's.

Do the "select col1, col2 from that_nasty_table group by having
count(*) > 1" and see what is causing duplicates. Maybe this will give
some clue.


Alexander Fatkulin


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