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What I am writing is based on experience, not the docs. Please, be carefull!!!
Oracle will not stop you to alter snapshot tables. But this is not going to be poluplated to other sites.
Altering the base table ot snapshot table will not alter replication packages. Remember, snapshots are just some support tables and lots of queries.
If you go 'alter table move' all the queries still can be executed. All the internal triggers still work. The replication tables (the $ ones) are still here. So everything works.
If you remove/rename some column on snapshot table, the queries will fail. Your replication is lost.
If you add column, all the queries still work, but the new column does not exists in replication packages, so it's data will not be replicated.
If you alter some column's constraint, everything still works. Just remember to alter manualy on all sites.
And so on....
Remember, TEST, TEST, TEST before implementing something.


On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 00:32:07 +0300, Robyn <robyn.sands@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hey all,

Last week, by mistake, I ran an alter table move on a snapshot table and lo
and behold, it actually worked. (Oracle <>) I thought
I had read that this does not work and things will break etc. I've searched
some of the docs, but haven't found a definitive 'go forth and move'
statement for snapshot tables.

Is this acceptable in 9.2 and everyone knows this already? Shouldn't be done
during a refresh I'm sure, but this option would make my life a lot easier.
Or did I just got lucky on the one that worked?


Robyn Anderson Sands
email: Robyn.Sands@xxxxxxxxxx


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