RE: truncate table vs. truncate table partition

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     granularity, values are :    DEFAULT         Gather global- and
partition-level statistics
                                   PARTITION       Gather
partition-level statistics.
                                   SUBPARTITION    Gather
subpartition-level statistics.
                                   GLOBAL          Gather global
                      (default) *  ALL             Gather all
(subpartition, partition, and global) statistics

Checking statstics, gathering statistics on partitioned tables,
partitons, subpartitions, 
so easy and fast :p


B. Polarski

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On 09/28/2006 11:04:35 AM, Joe Smith wrote:
> Explain this to me:
> this is a partitioned table with global indexes.

> sql>analyze table joe.catalog compute statistics for all indexes;

Joe, look in the Metalink for the article that explains the difference
between analyze and DBMS_STATS. Analyze command does not descend into
partitions. That is why DBMS_STATS has a "granularity" argument. 

Mladen Gogala



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