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Hi Norman,

I wouldn't get a dup row as the columns make the PK.  I just wanted to avoid
the error trying to insert a duplicate row.  Initially I had an extra column
in the table called reloaded (or something similar).  The trigger would then
increment "reloaded" each time a duplicate insert was attempted instead of
the actual insert, but then I had the problem with "mutating tables".  I
read a post on AskTom's site which detailed a work around, but that seemed a
bit much as I have 7 - 8 tables with the same issue.  As I've put in an
earlier post, I think I'm happy to avoid the problem in the first place
using INSERT ALL and/or MERGE INTO into where appropriate.

Thanks again for the feedback,
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> Morning Tony,
> Hmm, seems I'm a bit thicker than at first thought!
> When I wrote this originally :
> exception
>  when dup_entry_exception then
>   raise_application_error(-20000,
>    NULL;
> I really meant this :
> exception
>  when dup_entry_exception then
>      NULL;
> This version causes the duplicate to be ignored. However, as dicovered
> by malcolm, this would allow the duplicate row to be inserted and is no
> use to you !
> More apologies !
> Cheers,
> Norman.
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