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Hi all,

    My application server is JBoss which is starts with connection pool
10-20. I have created a onlogon database trigger which populates
dbms_session.set_identifier. Now throughout the life of oracle Instance
only the 20 (maximum) trc files are generated for the application users.
As per my understanding the trigger is not being re-executed as new
sessions are coming from clients application, it uses existing session
from connection pool of app server, so no new client_identifier in trace

     How I can generate new trace files  even if there is connection
pooling enabling on APP server!


Arvind Kumar

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> but I want the it to be in client_identifier_ora_spid.trc

This is not possible. The client identifier is "only" a session
attribute. Nevertheless if you set it, it is added to the trace files.
This is interesting because with the utility trcsess you can extract
from several trace files the performance figures related to a single
client identifier. I.e. you are able to attain your goal.



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