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Amen to that.  Like I said, I just work here, and I hope nobody gets the
idea that I am in any way responsible for the (so-called) design.  If it's
possible to have a normal form with a negative number, then you will find it

Just to share with you a little recent event: Somebody wanted some entries
deleted from a table based on a date range.  So the person doing the
deleting had just enough command of SQL to be dangerous and deleted from the
table where COLUMN between 'date_string_1' and 'date_string_2'.  Now, if you
will, please note that this is entirely a string operation.  For some reason
known only to God, the date is stored as a string.  And guess what happened.

Anyway, it was good experience for me since I got to have rman create a
duplicate database on another box and do a point in time recovery.  It's
been quite a while since I've done that, and I was getting a little bit

> -----Original Message-----
> It should not be too astounding. If you design your system 
> properly and use the 
> correct column types for the data ( number types for numbers, 
> date types for 
> dates ) then you do not run into this issue.

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