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Bill "shrek"Thater
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From: Mike Haddon
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Subject: Re: title

I have seen the benefits of a title that is commensurate with your
experience but,..

Do you spend time with other team members just to help and maybe
transfer some knowledge?
Do you get one or more team members involved in an issue you are
resolving because it's one of those that rarely occur and exposure to it
will benefit his/her expertise and help them grow into REAL Sr DBAs?

If you do at least that and never lose an opportunity to help them
become better at what they do then there is no need for a title because
the rest of the team knows who the real senior guy is. I title of SR DBA
on the outside means the same, internally it means really nothing unless
benefits and cash are better. Where do you go from Sr DBA??, maybe

If you don't do at least that then I would suggest a change in strategy.

Just my .02


On 9/30/2011 2:09 PM, Zelli, Brian wrote:
> See, the problem is that because we are a public benefits corporation, one of 
> the only ways you can get ahead financially is with a title change.
> To answer some of the questions:
> I do have 27 years of IT exp and 17 years of DBA exp so I'm only a new guy to 
> this org.  I have more years total than some of them.
> I know the platforms better than them.  They come to me with issues.  And 
> none are in a managerial role.
> No ego.  Just looking to be compensated fairly.
> ciao,
> Brian


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